Accu-Twist Dispenser Specifications


The Accu-Twist 35ml dispenser got its name from its ability to dispense a consistent, accurate dose of product with each twist of the bottom dispensing dial. Working off the same principle as a syringe, the Accu-Twist dispenses a metered dose amount of 0.25ml per locking twist of its dial. Two locking twist (one 360 degree rotation) equal to 0.5ml, the most commonly prescribed medication dosage. Because of Accu-Twist’s Passive Locking System, product does not accidentally over or under dispense which increasing the accuracy of the dosage.

Accu-Twist Specifications

  • The Accu-Twist dispenses approximately 0.25ml of volume space per half turn of the bottom dial, which in turn dispenses approximately 0.25ml* of topical product.
  • The Accu-Twist dispenser holds approximately 36.5ml* of topical product, with 0.5ml allotted for priming.
  • There is approximately 2.5ml* residual topical product remaining in the Accu-Twist once emptied.
  • A labeling area has been designed on the Accu-Twist to accommodate a 3” wide by 1 ¾“ high, or less, sized label.
  • The applicator pad contains a slotted orifice which provides an even application of topical to the pad.
  • The Passive Locking System is designed to prevent accidental or unwanted dispensing of product making the Accu-Twist an excellent option for carrying in a purse, pocket, travel bags or if there are infants in the home.
  • Accu-Twist is made of FDA grade plastics.
  • The Accu-Twist plastic dispenser is a UV protected plastic container.
  • Accu-Twist is a recyclable one time use container.
  • There are three dispensing indicators included with the Accu-Twist: Audible (Click), Tactile (Locking), Visual (edge alignment).

*Specified volumes in the specification sheet are approximations due to individual compounded products and techniques.  Verify dispensing weights and volumes with each compounded formulary before using.



NOTE: If disassembled, small parts can become a choking hazard.


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