The 6 TOP Reasons To Choose Accu-Twist


(1) Elegant Design – Tired of those clinical, medical looking click dispensers? Looking to dress-up your topical products with an accurate dispenser that is elegant and easy to use? The Accu-Twist is the answer! With an oval shape, sleek lines, and ergonomic design, the Accu-Twist dispenser is sure to give your products the upscale design they deserve. At 35ml in size, the Accu-Twist is large enough to hold most 30 day BHRT and other topical products, and its sleek design is small and smooth enough to fit nicely in a purse or hand bag. It feels great in the hand too!

(2) Passive Locking System – The Accu-Twist is the first and only topical click dispenser with a patented Passive Locking System to prevent accidental or unwanted dispensing of product. Accu-Twist’s locking system is called passive because it automatically lock the dispenser from dispensing product after each complete twist of the bottom dispenser dial. To dispense product, simply pull the dispensing dial away from the body and twist until the dial automatically locks back into place. Accu-Twist’s Passive Locking System assures product only gets dispensed when desired, and a complete dose is dispensed (no under or over rotating of the dispenser dial).

(3) Accurate Dosing – The Accu-Twist got its name from its ability to dispense a consistent, accurate dose of product with each twist of the bottom dispensing dial. Working off the same principle as a syringe, the Accu-Twist dispenses a metered dose amount of 0.25ml per locking twist of its dial. Two locking twist (one 360 degree rotation) equal to 0.5ml, the most typically prescribed medication dosage. Because of Accu-Twist’s Passive Locking System, product does not accidentally over or under dispense which increasing the accuracy of the dosage.

(4) Thick and Thin Cream – one dispenser – In another first of its kind, the Accu-Twist uses a slotted orifice for dispensing topical products onto a comfortable application pad. This slotted design  cuts your inventory cost by having one dispenser the handles both your thick and thin creams and ointments.  With our specially designed slotted dispenser head, there is no need paying to inventory both single and multi-port dispensers..

(5) Easy Filling – The Accu-Twist was designed with quick packaging in mind. This dispenser will work with up to a standard 3″ x 1.75″ label. The Passive Locking System can be disengaged when priming the dispenser. But most important, the opening of the dispenser has no channels or appendages where topical products could get caught, making clean-up before capping the dispenser a breeze!

(6) Multiple Colors Without Excess Stock – For better inventory management, the color cap sets are purchased separately from the bodies.  Instead of paying to inventory complete dispensers on your slow moving colors, you can lower your inventory costs by inventorying just the slow moving color cap sets.  Then use dispenser bodies in your inventory to dispense slow moving colors when needed, and just reorder the bodies.  This can save 60% to 70% in slow moving inventory cost.

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